Collagen is the most important protein to be found in the human body. It amounts to 30% of the total weight of human protein and to 70% of the weight of skin. After the age of 25 the human body gradually loses the ability to renew it.

We are unable to stop this process but we can slow it down by supplying collagen.

Collagen, also called A PROTEIN OF YOUTH and vitality, forms a “construction” for all human tissues. It participates in vital functions of almost all systems and organs. Also, it has a very important function in the human immune system.

The symptoms of insufficient collagen are, among others, worsening condition of joints, skin, hair and nails, lower ability of body regeneration after physical exertion, dysfunctions of musculoskeletal system, but also the work of tissues and organs, for which collagen and related substances play a strategic role.

A dysfunctional immune system is most dangerous issue for human health and life and collagen has a very important defensive function here—it prevents pathogenic bodies, such as toxins, micro-organisms and carcinogenic cells, from spreading. All these health issues can be prevented or at least delayed by supplying collagen.

If not hydrolysed, collagen can only be absorbed in a small amount (2–4%). Our Swiss laboratory worked out an innovative technology to hydrolyse collagen into small active peptide particles (sized Da 2,000). This allows for collagen to be absorbed in the amount of about 95%.